As I read: Shatter me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi

After watching the View this morning and the ghastly thought of one person wanting to do a revolution that enforces the idea of say that a person is 'whatever' is astounding.  To deny a person's identity of who they are to be a 'whatever' leaves such an open door for a 'whatever' to occur. 


One person can say labels.. don't label me.  But is it labeling?   Then  I read, Shatter Me which surprises me and grips me.  A young girl, who I thought was on a verge of a break down, instead has much resilience and understanding for one who has been through so much in a society who wants to strip down all labels, identity, and reestablish society in its own concept of what was good and right.


Traditional homes of our old world have been abandoned, windows shattered, roofs collapsing, red and green and blue paint scrubbed into muted shades to better match our bright future.  Now I see the compounds carelessly constructed on the ravaged land and I begin to remember.  I remember how these were supposed to be temporary.  I remember the few months before I was locked up when they'd begun building them.  These small, cold quarters would suffice just until they figured out all the details of this new plan, is what The Reestablishment had said.  Just until everyone was subdued.  Just until people stopped protesting and realized that this change was good for them, good for their children, good for their future.


I remember there were rules.

No more dangerous imaginations, no more prescription medications.  A new generation comprised of only healthy individuals would sustain us.  The sick must be locked away.  The old must be discarded.  The troubled must be given up to the asylums. Only the strong should survive.


Of course.

No more stupid languages and stupid stories and stupid paintings placed above stupid mantels.  No more Christmas, no more Hanukkah, no more Ramadan and Diwali.  No talk of religion, of belief, of personal convictions. Personal convictions were what nearly killed us all, is what they said.


Having a conviction, having priorities are what make us all beautifully unique individual humans.  Not ravaging beasts.  This is why we have brains, vocal cords and different color skin, because we are beautifully crafted people with hearts, souls, and spirits.  


I love how Mafi crafts this world and so eloquently speaks of things that even hit so close home with what is even going on today, even though it is Juliette's world with the Reestablishment. 


I go back to the word, 'labelling'.  Is it labelling?  Or are these celebrities ashamed of who they are?   People have committed suicide because the lack of knowing who they are or are ashamed of who they are.  Why be ashamed of who you are?   Know who you are, own it.  Never be ashamed of who you are.. your identity.  


Believe me it took me years to finally learn and understand this myself.  And I am a more better healed up, and healthy person for having done so.


Thank you, Tahereh Mafi, for Shatter Me.