7.6.15 - Enslavement - Liliana Lee

The Enslavement: (Erotic menage historical romance) (Princess Shanyin Book 2) - Liliana Lee, Jeannie Lin

I actually didn't want to review this particular book of Lee's because I left the genre that is erotica a time ago but since these were short novels and it was the only one in the trilogy that I hadn't read.  I thought I'd go ahead and read it, which to my discovery was not the most fabulous of ideas.  


I did like and understood the evolution of Shanyin's character throughout the series which was very surprising to me.  I was not the biggest fan of Princess Shanyin in the beginning.  However, I did grow to understand and like her as I continued reading despite the graphic sex throughout the trilogy.  


Yet in Enslavement, this is a book that must be read with caution and I added spoiler alert because I am warning people before they read that the sex is very graphic and there is rape involved.  Not many can stomach reading.. which I cannot, but part of me understands why it was in there considering the characters and the storyline.  


Needless to say, this was not my favorite book read to date.  But if whomever is reading this does want to read it, go with caution and know that you've been warned.